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Anglia Components

Omron launches its most accurate pressure sensor

A new highly accurate absolute pressure sensor from Omron can detect height differences of as little as 50cm.


Microchip Introduces the PIC32 Bluetooth® Starter Kit

The full-featured kit features a PIC32 microcontroller (MCU), HCI-based Bluetooth radio, Cree high-output multi-colour LED, 3 standard single-colour LEDs, an analogue 3-axis accelerometer, analogue temperature sensor and 5 push buttons.


Primary-side switcher from Diodes Incorporated cuts power supply size and cost while improving efficiency and performance

Diodes Incorporated has announced the AP3988 off-line, side-switching controller designed to cut costs and improve power supply performance in chargers, ADSL adapters and home appliance supplies.


Reliable Thin Film Precision Chip Resistors from Panasonic

Panasonic's ERA series Thin Film Chip Resistors use a high reliable Thin Film technology in conjunction with a moisture resistant overcoat to ensure stability over lifetime.


Join Anglia for a one day Microchip Wi-Fi X Training Class

Anglia is holding a series of complimentary one-day Wi-Fi Training Class. All attendees will receive a voucher offering discounted evaluation and development kits from Microchip. Places are very limited so please respond quickly to reserve your place.


High common-mode voltage difference amplifier from Analog Devices enables direct interface to high voltage input up to ±600 V

Analog Devices has introduced the industry's first precision difference amplifier to maintain excellent Common-Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) that exceeds 90dB at voltages up to ±600 V.


Murata's MLCC with interposer substrate reduces acoustic

Murata has announced the ZRB series of monolithic ceramic capacitors (MLCC) packaged on an interposer substrate designed specifically to reduce acoustic 'squealing' noise typically induced by mechanical vibration of the capacitor.