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Anglia Components

IEC outlet with IDC terminals speed assembly for power distribution units

SCHURTER has announced its latest IEC appliance outlet with insulation displacement contact (IDC) terminals, the 4710. The new outlet provides increased power ratings over the popular 6610 series for heavier duty PDU applications.


EPCOS humidity-resistant X2 EMI capacitors available from Anglia

TDK Corporation presents a new series of EPCOS X2 EMI suppression capacitors with stable capacitance values, even under extremely humid conditions.


Murata announces the world's first 0201 size, 1,000pF temperature compensation type monolithic ceramic capacitors

Murata has announced 0201 size (0.6x0.3mm), 25V temperature compensation-type monolithic ceramic capacitors with CH/C0G characteristics. These capacitors are thought to be the first in the world of this size to achieve a capacitance rating of 1,000pF.


The new SDC One-piece press fit PCB connector from Phoenix Contact.

Design engineers are under pressure to fit more functionality into electronic devices and at the same time make them smaller and simpler to build. Help is now at hand from Phoenix Contact with the introduction of the SDC press fit connector range.


Hirose FX30B series, 3.81mm / 7.62mm pitch, up to 17A power, board to board connector with misalignment absorption structure

The FX30B series has been introduced to meet the requirement for board to board connectors with high current capacity and the ability to absorb mating tolerances where multiple connectors are used.


STMicroelectronics Grows STM8S Access Line with New Microcontrollers Tested to 125°C

The latest STM8S Access Line microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics are tested up to 125°C to ensure enduring performance at sustained high temperatures in applications such as lighting controls, motor drives, and industrial automation.


Full metal jacket: CamdenBoss robust IP rated diecast aluminium boxes now available from Anglia Live

The CamdenBoss RTM5000 series multi-purpose diecast aluminium boxes are ideal for applications requiring high levels of RFI shielding and IP65 sealing with optional neoprene gasket (IP54 without).