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Anglia Components

New low power Microcontroller from LAPIS equipped with high efficiency class D speaker amplifier and audio playback function

LAPIS has recently announced the development of a low power microcontroller that integrates an 8bit low power MCU core, speech synthesis circuit, high efficiency Class D speaker amp, non-volatile memory, and oscillator circuit on a single chip.


AP1685 from Diodes Inc. provides a simple cost effective solution for 10W LED lamps

The AP1685 is a high Power Factor Corrector (PFC) off-line buck converter, capable of driving 10W Non-Isolated Non-Dimmable LED lamps.


Analog Devices unveils new class of data converters that set 14-BIT, GSPS performance standard

Analog Devices has announced the immediate availability of the dual-channel, 1.25-V,14-bit, 1-GSPS AD9680 A/D converter featuring the best noise and dynamic range performance in its class.


Avago introduces industry's first automotive grade photovoltaic driver

Avago Technologies has introduced the ACPL-K30T, an optocoupler-based photovoltaic driver device designed to drive high voltage MOSFET and withstand extreme heat for automotive under-the-hood applications.


600W - 250V RF transistors from STMicroelectronics leverage latest high-voltage technology for smaller, more reliable class-E power

The STAC250V2-500E has load-mismatch capability of 20:1, the highest in the industry, for enhanced safety up to the maximum power of 600W.


KOE TFT displays enable dynamic customisation and enhanced interactive features

KOE is targeting leisure and entertainment applications including pay per play casino gaming machines with a range of high performance, wide aspect ratio TFT display modules.


Analog Devices introduces ADSP-BF70x processor family with up to 800 MMACs performance and 1 MB of embedded SRAM

Analog Devices has introduced the ADSP-BF70x Blackfin® processor family, a high-performance DSP series that delivers a class-leading 800 MMACS of processing power at less than 100 mW - double the performance or half the power of competing devices.