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Anglia Components

Microchip introduces cost-effective 8-bit PIC® microcontroller family with intelligent analogue and core independent peripherals

Microchip has announced the PIC16(L)F170X and PIC16(L)F171X family of 8-bit microcontrollers (MCUs), which combines a rich set of intelligent analogue and core independent peripherals, with cost-effective pricing and eXtreme Low Power (XLP) technology.


TDK introduces the new ACT1210 series of common-mode chokes for both CAN and FlexRay bus systems

With their compact dimensions of just 3.2mm x 2.5mm x 2.4mm, the chokes are the world's smallest. Their footprint is approximately 45 percent smaller than that of existing components, while their volume has been more than cut in half.


Hirose introduce the FH55 series, 0.5mm pitch, high speed transmission, FPC connector

Hirose have introduced the new FH55 series to meet with the demand for connectors with higher transmission speed. The connector range can handle up to 5+Gbps high speed transmission and supports USB 3.0, PCI Express Gen.2, Serial ATA Gen.3 and HDMI 1.4a.


Toshiba launches 600V Super Junction MOSFET DTMOS IV-H series

Toshiba has introduced a new series of high-speed switching type super junction MOSFETs. The new DTMOS IV-H series consists of the TK31N60X, TK39N60X and TK62N60X, and is based on Toshiba's fourth generation 600V super junction MOSFET DTMOS IV series.


Analog Devices' ADG54xx single and dual switches offer guaranteed latch-up protection for industrial, instrumentation and process control applications

Analog Devices has introduced four 8kV ESD (electro-static discharge) switches that guarantee latch-up prevention in high-voltage industrial applications operating up to ±22 Vds or +40 Vss.


KOE announce wide aspect ratio 12.3 inch Rugged+ TFT

KOE has announced the introduction of a 12.3-inch Rugged+ TFT display. The new TX31D200VM0BAA features HSXGA (1280 x 480 pixels) resolution, an 8:3 wide aspect ratio and IPS (in-plane switching) wide viewing angle technology.


Forward ordering, faster search, volume contract pricing on Anglia Live 2.0

Anglia today released the first major upgrade to its Anglia Live online sales environment with over 2,500 individual enhancements.