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Anglia Components

Phoenix Contact Compact Plug Connectors for Rigid and Flexible LED PCBs

Phoenix Contact is now offering plug connectors for rigid and flexible LED PCBs. The white plug connectors were specifically designed for LED applications. They can handle currents up to 10A and voltages up to 25V.


Easy-to-configure controllers from STMicroelectronics simplify digital power conversion

The STNRG digital-controller family helps designers maximize the advantages of digital power conversion, including high efficiency under all load conditions, enhanced safety, rich diagnostics, and convenient network connectivity.


Murata announces mass production of low profile flexible film temperature sensors ideal for wearable products

Murata has announced that has commenced mass production of a range of surface-mounted NTC temperature sensors that are packaged on a flexible printed circuit (FPC) film.


Introducing the AD7177-2 32 bit Sigma Delta ADC from Analog Devices

The AD7177-2 device from Analog Devices is a low noise, fast settling, multiplexed, 2/4-channel (fully/pseudo differential) Sigma Delta analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for low bandwidth inputs.


AVX introduces medium power film capacitors ideal for AC filtering in power conversion applications

AVX has introduced the new FLA Series medium power film capacitors. Comprised of metallized polypropylene dielectric imbued with a soft polyurethane (PU) resin and encased in a cylindrical aluminum can with fast-on or screw terminals.


Introducing the DF60 Series High Current Wire-to-Board Connectors from Hirose

The Wire-to-Board range is available in pitches from 3.3mm to 10.16mm with current ratings from 5A to 45A and the Wire-to-Wire range is available with a rated current of 50A.


Avago Technologies unveils new industrial fibre optic products

Avago Technologies, has unveiled a wide array of new industrial fibre optic products targeting renewable energy, industrial motor drive and transportation applications.