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Anglia Components

Cree announces new generation of High-Power LEDs to achieve better performance and lowest system cost

Cree has introduced the XLamp® MH-B LED, a new generation of high-power LEDs that delivers better performance and a more-effective way to achieve low-cost systems than mid-power (MP) LEDs.


Wide range of miniature Bluetooth® modules available from Panasonic

Panasonic offers a wide range of miniature modules within the Bluetooth® ecosystem, with a choice of Classic Bluetooth®, Bluetooth® Smart Ready and Bluetooth® Smart technology modules with or without software/profiles.


Toshiba's latest Phototriac-Couplers offer high voltage isolation and low trigger currents

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched two new Triac-output photocouplers that provide reinforced insulation and low LED trigger currents of max. 3mA. The reduced trigger current enables TLP267J and TLP268J to control output at a lower input current.


Anglia adds Wearnes Cambion e-mech and inductive component range

Anglia Components has announced that it has been appointed as UK and Ireland distributor for Wearnes Cambion, manufacturers of PCB pins, solder terminals, chokes and other high performance electro-mechanical and inductive components.


TDK introduces three new series of compact screw terminal EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitors

TDK Corporation has introduced three new series of EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitors with screw terminals. They are characterized by their high ripple current capability and simultaneously highly compact dimensions.


Microchip announces expansion of its low-cost PIC32MX1/2 series with larger Flash and RAM

Microchip has announced a new family of PIC32MX1/2 microcontrollers (MCUs) in 256/64 KB Flash/Ram configurations for designs in digital audio with Bluetooth®, USB audio, graphics, touch sensing and general-purpose embedded control.


Low voltage MCUs for cost and space savings in consumer applications from STMicroelectronics

The ARM Cortex-M0 based STM32F0x8 line with its dual voltage supply is ideally suited as a communication bridge (USB), while the Cortex-M4 based STM32F3x8 delivers up to 90 DMIPS of performance with an ADC fully functional down to 1.8V.