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Anglia Components

HR43 series, high current, robust, IP67 waterproof, circular connector for railway applications

Hirose have introduced the HR43 range to meet with the requirement for connectors offering advanced reliability for railway applications and other harsh environments.


New Omron FPC/FFC connector

Omron Electronic Components Europe has announced an FPC/FFC connector featuring a new rotary backlock mechanism for a quick, reliable automatic cable insertion, conforming to an industry accepted footprint.


New 100V transistors from STMicroelectronics drive greater power efficiency in automotive applications

STMicroelectronics has extended its leading-edge STripFET F7 series of low-voltage Power MOSFETs with three new 100V automotive-grade devices.


DDR Bus Termination Regulator from Diodes Incorporated handles upgrades to DDR4

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a low-dropout linear regulator capable of generating the bus termination voltages needed by DDR 2, 3, 3L and 4 SDRAM memory systems.


knitter-switch vandal resistant keypads offer reliable and secure access control

The first and possibly most important point of contact with an unmanned security system, the man-machine-interface (MMI), will in most cases now be a keyboard operated by a secure PIN-number.


Toshiba expands range of ultra-small Photorelays in VSON4 packages

Toshiba has expanded its range of photorelays with the addition of four ultra-small devices. TLP3475 and TLP3440 have been designed to deal with high frequency signals, while TLP3417 and TLP3420 are designed to deal with high voltages.


HR41A series, small, high current capacity, IP68 waterproof, circular connectors from Hirose

Hirose have introduced the HR41A range to meet with the requirement for compact, high powered connectors offering advanced reliability in outdoor harsh environments.