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Anglia Components

Breakthrough Cree XLamp® XM-L2 EasyWhite® LED delivers 38 percent performance improvement

Cree has introduced the new XLamp® XM-L2 EasyWhite® LED, delivering more than 1,100 lumens of colour-consistent light from a 5mm x 5mm package and enabling a 38 percent gain in light output and efficacy.


Toshiba MOSFETs target power management application with smallest package

Toshiba has announced two ultra-compact MOSFETs in high power dissipation packages that have been specifically developed to meet the high-current charging requirements of the latest mobile devices.


FREE One Day Human Machine Interface Technology Day 2014

Join us for one of our FREE seminars. Find out the latest trends and technologies in HMI. Gain knowledge on solutions to your next product Network with Industry Leaders.


Bank on the next generation of ARM microcontrollers and applications

Following on from the success of past events, Hitex (UK) Ltd are delighted to be holding another of its ARM User Conferences titled "Bank on the next generation of ARM microcontrollers and applications" on 18th-20th November 2014.


World's most highly-integrated octal ultrasound pulser from STMicroelectronics simplifies design for ultrasound equipment

The cost and size of ultrasound imaging machines can be reduced with the new STHV800 8-channel ultrasound pulser from STMicroelectronics.


Anglia launches new relay range in the UK

Anglia Components is bringing a new range of high quality, competitively priced power and signal relays to the UK and Ireland, following the signing of an exclusive distributor agreement with manufacturer Tianbo Electronics.


Microchip announces new family of USB Power Delivery controllers

Microchip has announced a new family of USB Power Delivery (UPD) controllers - the UPD100X with an industry-standard power delivery and battery charging protocol.